My RM app is a newly added feature on its SC Mobile Banking App and Online Banking exclusively provided to their priority clients.

Standard Chartered Singapore has launched its digital relationship manager app – MY RM to allow its local and international clients to have a secured connection with their relationship managers. This is a brand new feature added to its mobile and online banking. It provides a seamless and secured connection to its clients across the globe amidst border restrictions and travel halts.

My RM allows priority clients both local and international to connect directly with their relationship manager. It allows them to schedule appointments by going into the latest market views. Wherever their clients are, the app allows them to authorise their transactions securely.

Reacting quickly with market movements is possible with the My RM app through file sharing, screen sharing, and its audio call feature. It provides a time-efficient engagement with relationship managers and investment advisors making the transactions seamless. A client can chat with its RM, track pending transactions, and approve investment transactions especially in this time of low-contact environment.

My RM on Supporting Strong Growth in International Banking Business

Currently, the bank has over 30% of affluent clients in Singapore being international. They have seen the importance of having the right channel, especially during these times. Also, they have seen strong growth in international banking despite the headwinds of the previous year.  Its international banking client portfolio and total assets under management (AUM) registered double-digit growth over the last few years. It continues in an upward growth trajectory of more than 30% from the previous year.

The bank is planning to double its relationship managers to tap the international wealth hub. In the next five years, it plans also to double its international banking business.

My RM has allowed the bank to get in touch with their clients overseas – providing timely investment services.

Published On: June 5th, 2021

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