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Singapore’s Most Trusted Licensed Money Lender

When times are hard, it can get overwhelming to deal with urgent expenses and bills payment that need to be made. The whole experience can cause so much stress and hassle on your part, and it may leave you worn out from finding the right solution for your financial concerns. This is why whenever you need a reliable source of funds for emergencies, choosing a licensed money lender in Singapore is the best way to go.

As a licensed and established moneylender in Singapore, Credit Hub Capital is here to provide you with the following features from our array of loan products and services:

  • Affordable Interest Rates and Fees
  • Fast Approval and Cash Disbursement
  • Monthly Instalment Loans
  • Straightforward and Simple Application Process
  • Reasonable Eligibility Standards
  • Highly Responsive Customer Service
  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed

Trusted licensed money lender brand singapore

Your One-Stop-Shop for Fast Cash Loan

Credit Hub Capital understands how difficult it is to face financial issues when you least expect it. Perhaps you need to go through a medical procedure, or there are credit card debts to be paid, and maybe the renovation funds you have set aside is now running low. When there are multiple things going on in your life that require an immediate source of extra funds, what you need is a sure and fast way to get the money you need.

As a professional and licensed moneylender in Singapore, Credit Hub is here to guarantee you with the quickest and most practical solution to your financial needs. They take pride as one of the Singapore leading moneylenders, and this speaks volumes about the quality of service and products that they provide. They have been in the moneylending industry for years, which makes us a trusted business that our past and present customers have consulted for their needs. From personal loans to payday loans, business loans, renovation loans, and vacation loans, you can select from the most suitable loan product that matches your specific situation.

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Asmady Yusof
Asmady Yusof
09:56 06 May 22
Very reliable, friendly staffs, helpful and very very efficient on their paperwork. I would recommend ppl out there! Credit to Ms Angelyn and all the crew who have been assisting me. Thanks again!
Isqandar Shah
Isqandar Shah
05:23 06 May 22
Credit Hub been a great help for my financial issue, they look into your needs and able to assist you further. They have assist me mutiple times. The staff has been great and professionally handled. Kudos and best wishes to you guys
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong
12:00 05 May 22
Hassle free service. Staff are friendly and give sound advices for their clients. Been a good listening and would try to understand the position of their client rather then just fulfilling the request of their clients. Thank you.
Lady “x” Phoenix
Lady “x” Phoenix
07:09 29 Apr 22
Since 4 years and counting, Credit Hub Capital provides me with the finest financial advice and support. Kudos to Mabel, Lucky, Rebecca, Angeline and many other ladies in 'pink' that assisted me which I cant remember their names. But thank you Credit Hub ! It is no wonder you are the top 10 loan companies in Singapore!
hh honest
hh honest
07:06 29 Apr 22
Nice to enter the office as it is neat and clutter-free environment. The staff at Credit Hub Capital are friendly and approachable. The most I admired is Vicky's and Rebecca's work. They delivered excellent job and excellent service each time I visit Credit Hub. Thumbs Up to both Vicky and Rebecca! Strongly recommended Credit Hub to those who really need money help.
06:46 29 Apr 22
The staff here all are very friendly and the atmosphere surrounding the office so cool. Drinks provided cold and hot. Loan services provided to customer at an acceptable rates and approval quite fast
09:38 28 Apr 22
The staffs there are super friendly, polite and responsive to all enquries. They will give advice on how to handle my loans. Staff Rebecca was helpful, friendly and assisting to my needs for the requesting loans. One of the best and highly recommended!!!! 😍😍
Nana Zana
Nana Zana
09:34 28 Apr 22
Took my loan without any hassle.. Loan approved within minutes. staff here is all super friendly and super efficient. Thank u credit hub.
Seri Syarianie
Seri Syarianie
06:45 20 Apr 22
Credit Hub always help me whenever needed! They are always giving me options to make it easier for me! Thank you so much for all the help throughout the months! ☺️ will definitely recommend them.
Yusry Wee
Yusry Wee
07:45 16 Apr 22
Staff always friendly, serve promptly. Been a customer for for about 2 years. And I am very satisfied l. I am grateful that they are able to help me in my time of need.
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3 Simple Steps to Take Out a Loan

It does not get any easier than 3 simple steps involved to take out a loan from Credit Hub Capital. Taking out a loan from them is THAT fast, simple, and easy! Three simple steps are all you need to get things started – and you are only moments away from receiving the funds you need.

Fast Cash Coming Your Way

With our straightforward and efficient online loan application, you can get the amount you need for various concerns you may be experiencing. Among the loans they provide include the following:

1. Payday Loan

Is your paycheck still several days away, yet your expenses are piling up? Apply for a payday loan today to tide you over until the next payday comes.

2. Personal Loan

If you need a higher amount for your urgent expenses, a personal loan can be your saving grace. No long wait or complicated application process involved.

3. Business Loan

A short-term business loan can be used for your expansion or to simply cover all the expenses you are accumulating. Let Credit Hub help you with your financial concerns to sustain your business needs today.

4. Foreigner Loan

It is never too easy – or cheap – to be in a foreign country. While you are in Singapore, they can help you deal with your expenses with a foreigner loan that is suitable for you.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions as they are always here to help you. Contact them today, give them a call or send them a message and allow them to provide you with a dependable financial assistance without any delay or complicated paperwork.

Apply for Fast Loan Now!

Thank you for your interest! As much as we want to extend our help, the loan offers are NOT available for foreigners in Singapore for the time being.

Please come back and check it out again in the future.

Terms and Conditions

Only 21 years old and above is eligible for loan application.

To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us we maintain the following Privacy Principles.

By clicking "Submit" and providing your personal data, you consent to our loan providers contacting you via the telephone and email and permitting to do a search on the Credit Association Singapore (CAS) web portal for the loan application purpose.

We only collect personal information that we believe to be relevant and required to understand your financial needs.

We will only use any information collected as minimally as possible, mainly to assist us in customising and delivering loan packages that are of interest to our customers.

We will not make unsolicited requests for customer information through email or the telephone, unless customers initiate contact with us.

We have established strict confidentiality standards for safeguarding information on our customers.

Our loan providers will not use or disclose information collected from you other than for the purpose made known to you, authorised by you or required by the Law.

The Most Trusted Brand in Singapore

Licensed Moneylenders Authorised by Ministry of Law Singapore

Your Privacy and Satisfaction is Our Priority

Credit Hub Capital make it a point to place customers’ needs ahead of their own at all times. From the moment you approach them to present your enquiries, up to the time you submit the application form and required documents, and even when you sign the contract and receive the loaned amount, they are here to guide you in every step of the way. You can expect the whole process to be as seamless and stress-free as how you want it to be, as they understand how hectic life already is with your financial woes.

Some customers are wary about providing personal details online because of the concerns with privacy and security. But with us, there is nothing to worry about. Credit Hub guarantee that all the pieces of information you provide us remain secure and confidential. They use these details to evaluate your application form, but there is no way for these to be divulged elsewhere. customers’ privacy is a priority, so they treat every personal detail with utmost confidentiality. Most importantly, their website is highly secured, thus making it impossible for all the private details to reach third-party businesses and individuals.

Licensed and Trusted Moneylender for Years

They stand by our pledge with providing our customers with a superior level of service they deserve. This is why they comply with the regulations set by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore, and our business holds an active permit and license to operate in the country. All the policies they set are based on the standards by the Ministry of Law, which means our terms and rates are fair and reasonable.

For years, our customers have come to us for their financial needs. Whether they require an extra boost in their business capital, or fast cash to cover their immediate needs, or even additional funds to spend for their vacation, they have provided them with the financial assistance during these moments of difficulties. This is why with our consistency in delivering these services to our customers, they have established a professional relationship with them. They are certain that whenever moments like these arise once more, they can always count on us for a quick and reliable help all the time.

Responsive Team to Assist You

For those who are new to consulting a moneylender, they are aware of how confusing the entire process may be since this is something you have never done before. This is why they are here to give you all the answers to your questions before you begin with your loan application. Our friendly and professional team are always available to respond to your concerns. You are free to contact us via phone or email whenever you have enquiries or concerns that need to be addressed.

In case you have further questions about our services and products, you may also visit the FAQs section on their website. They have compiled a list of commonly asked questions that our customers have asked, along with the comprehensive answers to these items. But just the same, if you feel that you have more questions or clarifications, you may always shoot us an email or give us a call for a prompt response.

The FAQs include information on the eligibility for loan application, fees and repayment terms, privacy statement, loan amount range you may qualify for, borrowing conditions and terms, as well as a few other details that are crucial before you proceed with the loan application process. Once everything is clear to you, and you may feel ready to start the ball rolling, please simply fill out the online form and receive the funds you need as quickly as how you want it.

Credit Hub Capital Pte. Ltd.

Lender License: No: 139/2019
Co. Reg. No.: No: 201004091N

190 Middle Road
#10-01A, Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979
Phone: 6338 5115
Email: [email protected]


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