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You can negotiate with all the banks and read through their terms & conditions. The easier way to get our consultants to do it for you. After all, the service is free!

While it's true that home loan packages in property show flats are competitive, it may not always be the lowest. Sometimes the bank that offers the lowest rate may not be there. Remember, a slight decrease in rates can make a major difference over a long term loan. It would be wise to look around and compare before committing to a home loan.

Yes, our service is 100% free. We get a commissions from our partnering banks. Since we only get paid when you take up the property loan through us, you can count on us to negotiate the best deal for you.

Mortgage Rates

FD-Linked 1.96% Throughout
SIBOR 1M SIBOR + 0.15% Year 1 to 3
Fixed Rate 1.78% Year 1 to 2
SIBOR 1M Sibor + 0.15% Year 1 to 3
Fixed Rate 1.86% Year 1 to 3
FD-Linked 1M Sibor + 0.15% Year 1 to 3
Fixed Rate 1.78% Year 1 to 2


We provide free mortgage consultation.