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Get Your Foreign Domestic Helper Protected with the Best Maid Insurance Policy in Singapore

Compare the Best and Affordable Maid Insurance

Top 5 Best Maid Insurance in Singapore

HLAS – Maid Protect 360

Best for those looking for Extensive Medical and Personal Accident Coverage
  • Personal Accident and hospitalisation benefits for the domestic helper can receive up to $60,000 (for foreign helper). Additionally, medical expenses incurred by the helper will be reimbursed.
  • By choosing its Enhanced, Premier, and Exclusive Plan, your helper will have outpatient medical and dental Benefits. The domestic helper can enjoy member’s rates for outpatient visits at GP and Dental Clinics island-wide.
  • Enhanced Medical Benefits Rider – not only the maid is covered for common illnesses, but also includes your free medical teleconsultation throughout the whole year.
  • Add-ons: As the Ministry of Manpower required 2 medical check-ups, by having this add-on you’ll have 50% off 6-Monthly Medical Examination.
  • Special Promotion: Get Free $50 Voucher

FWD Maid Insurance

Best for those with Flexible Budget and Looking for Extensive Protection
  • Essential plans offer great coverage at a much lower cost.
  • Includes security bonds. They will pay directly to MOM the $5000 bond without getting any additional payment from you.
  • Provides a 100% refund if you going to cancel your policy within 30 days. Acknowledging that you may need to replace your helper.
  • Provide medical coverage to your helper’s pre-existing condition.

eTiQa – ePROTECT maid

Best for those Looking for Comprehensive Policies with Huge Savings
  • Includes essential coverage such as medical and personal accident protection and will cover the repatriation expenses.
  • Covers Hospitalisation and Surgical Expenses of up to $15,000 per year
  • Giving you protection from wages compensation and levy reimbursement, termination, and re-hiring expenses.
  • Allows you to enhance your maid insurance plan with an array of add-ons.
  • Providing personal accident coverage from $60,000.
  • Special Promo: Get 25% savings when buying their insurance plans. Additional 5% off on their weekly Friday ‘TEIF’ sale!

MSIG – MaidPlus Maid Insurance

Best for Higher Employer Liability Protection
  • Personal Accident Coverage of up to $60,000 annually and up to $3,000 for accidental medical expenses
  • Can pay up to $50,000 for hospitalisation and surgical charges which also includes 90 days pre and post hospitalisation expenses for the treatment and diagnostic services
  • Employers are covered for their replacement maid hiring expenses

Sompo – MaidEase

Best for Personal Accident Coverage
  • Personal Accident Coverage of up to $70,000 paid for accidental death or permanent disablement
  • Covers Hospital and Surgical Expenses which includes treatments from both Public and Private Hospitals
  • Also includes Repatriation Expenses in the event that you need to send your domestic helper back to their home country due to accidental injuries, sicknesses, or disease
  • Waiver of Counter Indemnity which limits employer’s liability to $250 instead of $5,000 as long as it will not cause the breach of the $5,000 Security Bond

Last Updated: 22 April 2024

Best Maid Insurance Guide in Singapore (2024)

One of the requirements for hiring a domestic helper is that you need to buy a maid insurance – which is mandatory.

A good plan can help you give protection to your dependable helper especially since they are the one taking care of our homes. Additionally, it ensures that they are taken care in case something happens. As long as your helper is protected by the best policy, you can be assured that they are always in good hands.

If you don’t know how to choose an insurance in Singapore for your worker, don’t worry. We featured the best insurance plan for your maid or foreign domestic worker (FDW) and a comprehensive guide that can help you in your hunt for the best insurance policy.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Maid Insurance in Singapore?

1.Take note of the basic coverage.

Based on MOM, employers are required to purchase an insurance plan for each foreign worker they have. The insurance details need to be submitted online before the Work Permit can be issued.

Medical insurance of at least $15,000 per year for each FDW. This policy must be maintained throughout her stay in Singapore. The policy must cover inpatient care and day surgery which includes hospital bills for conditions that may not be work-related.

Personal accident coverage must have a sum assured of at least $60,000 annually. This must cover sudden or unforeseen or unexpected incidents resulting in permanent disability or death. This is essential to protect your helper and helper, especially in the case of permanent disability or passing away due to accidents. This compensation is payable to your helper or her beneficiaries.

Additionally, MOM is requiring a $5,000 security bond for each foreign domestic worker you employ. So, it’s a must to look up also when you are buying the main insurance plan.

A co-pay arrangement can also be considered with the work permit holder only if:

  • Medical treatment is not work-related inpatient expenses
  • Reasonable co-pay amount which must not exceed 10% of your FDW salary.
  • Co-pay duration will not exceed 6 months
  • The co-pay arrangement is indicated in the employment contract or a collective agreement and must have a worker’s consent.

2. Be aware if your helper has a pre-existing condition.

By knowing your helper’s pre-existing, you can consider plans that can cover your helper’s pre-existing condition. Also, you can identify the plans that can’t cover his/her condition.

3. Check if the basic coverage is enough.

As required by the MOM, most employers may assume that the basic coverage is enough. In most cases, it may be insufficient. It’s essential that you have identified your needs.

You must check each insurer’s add-on, some of it is affordable and can give you more savings in the future. Most policies may include the following key benefits:

  • Domestic Helper’s Liability
  • Replacement Maid Expenses
  • Repatriation Expenses
  • Daily Wages and Levy Reimbursement
  • Outpatient Expenses
  • Domestic Helper’s Personal belonging
  • Theft

4. Identify your needs and consider what are those elements that are not covered.

Like other insurance plans such as travel insurance or car insurance, there are certain elements that are not covered such as psychiatric, venereal diseases, pregnancy, and suicide-related expenses. Although there’s an array of reasonably priced insurance plans. It is best to check for those policies that will meet your needs. You may also seek insurance policies with high outpatient coverage. This will cover the cost of medical treatment due to accidents.

5. Check if the insurance policy covers dengue fever and malaria.

Most of the insurers do not cover it, so you must find a plan that specifically covers those conditions.

How to Choose for the Best Maid Insurance Plan?

Choosing from dozens of insurance policies for your domestic helper especially if it’s your first time can be overwhelming. Although buying an insurance policy from an agency can be easier, keep in mind that it’s always not ideal for you. You may end up paying more than getting some savings.

Going online and comparing the best maid insurance plan is the key to saving money and getting the best policy. Why? By getting insurance from agencies, you’ll be paying for middlemen fees and commissions which implies additional costs that you can pay. This is why it’s a smarter decision to buy directly fromcompanies.

Choosing an ideal plan for the first time can be confusing. Not only that you’re dealing with a total stranger that will take care of your home while you are away, but also, you are also facing an array of maid insurance policies. Picking the right one can be tough and might stress you out or give you headaches.

We have top tips that can help you in coming up with a smarter decision.

Pick depending on the duration.

In Singapore, there are 2 durations for a policy that you can use – the 14 months and 26 months. Not sure which plan is best for your foreign domestic helper? Start by opting for a 14-month policy. If you want to get a cheaper plan that can give you more discounts, a 26-month can be ideal for you.

Choose based on the suited tier.

Most of the maid insurance plans in Singapore are generally divided into 3 tiers – the basic, the mid, and the top tiers. If your main consideration is the price, you have to consider this factor. This will be based on price and coverage.

The general rule that you must take note here is that the higher the tier – the bigger the coverage but it entails a much higher cost than the lower tier.

Here are the 3 most common tiers that you need to look at:

  • Basic Tier – If you’re budget conscious and you’re willing to give up that extra coverage that is more expensive – this is the recommended option for you. On average, most of the basic plan will just cost about $260 for a 26-month policy which will only cost about $10 per month.
  • Mid-Tier Plan – If you’re a kind of person looking for the best value for your money such as an affordable plan with wider coverage than the basic tier – you will love the mid-tier plan. The average cost for this type of plan is about $320 for a 26-month policy – just $12.30 a month. In the case that your helper falls sick which ends up in hospitalisation and can’t work – up to $30 per day in wage compensation will be covered up for you. Aside from that, the insurance can cover his or her medical bills.
  • Top Tier Plan – Being on top also implies that this plan is the most expensive than the other tiers but this has the widest coverage – plus expect for a much higher pay-outs. On average, for a 26-month policy, this will cost about $360 – about $14.40 monthly.

If you’re looking for extra coverage such as protection for theft, a top-tier insurance plan is an ideal policy for you.

Best Maid Insurance in Singapore

Here’s An Example of Simple Calculation to See Which Maid Insurance Plan Will Give You More Value:

  • Plan A: A 26-month premium which costs $320 will give an insurance pay-out for outpatient expenses about $2,500. If you’re going to get the sum insured per premium dollar this is equal to $7.81 (insurance pay-out for outpatient expenses divided by the cost of your policy).
  • Plan B: Also, a 26-month premium costing $360, will give you an insurance pay-out for outpatient expenses of $3000 and the sum insured per premium dollar is equal to $8.33.

From the example, above you will see that Plan B is a much better option, with just a $40 difference it can give you a much higher pay-out which is much beneficial for you and your helper. But, this will again depend on what you need, the example only shows that when you need better coverage and a higher pay-out.

You may opt for some add-ons or customise your plan.

Many policies right now are customisable which means that if your chosen policy can’t cover what you need, you’ll need some add-on. Some of the popular add-ons that you can have are the following: Discounted 6- Monthly medical examination, outpatient medical, hospitalisation top-up, $7,000 Philippine Embassy Labour Office Guarantee Bond, Indemnity Reimbursement, critical illness coverage, and home contents cover.

Choose based on your lifestyle and current living conditions.

An ideal policy will also be based on your current lifestyle and the place where you live. If you are living on a high-rise apartment building, you may consider a plan that has more accident coverage to prevent having higher hospital bills and can give your helper a medical coverage that she needs when this unexpected even happen.

Easy Find Compare

Read and understand the fine print.

Take time to read carefully and understand an insurance plan based on its fine print and policy statement. This is actually the last step in creating a final decision in what plan to choose. By fully understanding your chosen plan, you can prevent misunderstandings.

Frequently Asked Questions

As required by MOM, you have to buy an insurance policy before your foreign worker arrives in Singapore.

Take note that the starting date of the policy is 5 days from the date you bought the plan and 14 days from the date of application.

These start dates are divided into 3 categories.

  • For New Workers – the start date of the policy is the day of arrival of your helper in Singapore
  • For Renewal Maids – its policy start date is a day after his/her work permit expires
  • For Transferred Maid- the start date of the policy is on or before the day of application for transfer with MOM

A performance bond is a contract between an employer and the embassy – this is to ensure that a Filipino Domestic Helper will be paid right and given proper treatment. Each domestic helper is granted this benefit for a period of two years.

This is one of the main requirements of MOM for hiring a Foreign Domestic Worker, thus all employers are required to secure an insurance policy for each foreign worker employed.

MOM is requiring every employer to buy each non-Malaysian foreign helper a bond which is a $5,000 security bond. You may purchase this at any bank or insurance company. The security bond serves as a binding pledge to pay the government if either the employer or the helper breaks the law or the work permit conditions.

This bond is a form of an insurer’s or a bank’s guarantee. As highlighted by MOM, you can’t ask the worker to pay for the bond.

Also, just like the insurance plan, you need to purchase the bond before the worker will arrive in Singapore.

Source: Ministry of Manpower

This is because MOM is requiring all insurances and bonds to have extra coverage for two months. So, in any event, that your helper has extended stay while the work permit is expired, he or she is still covered.

These outpatient treatment expenses are only covered when your helper’s injury is due to an accident. You may also check this with your insurer’s Outpatient Expenses Coverage.

Yes. Most insurance companies will always allow you to increase the medical and personal accident coverage.

When comparing for a handful of maid insurance policies, one important thing that you can look out is the outpatient benefit. You need to check for this since this will cover the cost of the medical treatment of your helper in case there’s an accident. This is one major feature that you must always check – if the plan has higher outpatient coverage.

The insurance company generally does not cover things that will lead to breaking the employment contract or those that are not work-related. You must read the inclusions and exclusions within your chosen policy.

Below are the common exclusions within a maid insurance policy:

  • Alcohol or drugs Intoxication
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and abortions
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or AIDS
  • Breach of contract with a work permit
  • Non-emergency dental care (unless indicated)
  • Psychiatric Care (unless stated)
  • Committing to Illegal acts in Singapore

You can file a claim by using your insurer’s online portals for claim submission. This will also require submitting all supporting documents. But, if the insurance company doesn’t have this service, you may submit a claim through the mail using the address indicated on their website. Take in mind that you need to file a claim within 30 days.

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