For the majority of working adults living or working in Singapore, holding a steady, well-paying job is a necessity in providing for both their future and the future of their families. But whether you own your own business or are part of a large multibillion-dollar company, financial security neither begins nor ends with how much money you make at the present. Through working hard and working to continually advance in your position and excel in the often murky corporate world, you may be able to give your family all the comforts they need. Unfortunately, present comforts do little in terms of future security.

Unforeseen eventualities such as accidents, job losses, sudden illness, and other incidents can threaten your family’s financial future and may make you go on the lookout for financial institutions such as banks and money lenders in Singapore. In order to truly provide and care for your family, here are four things that you can do today to secure the financial future of your family.

#1 You Should Always Have Some Sort Of Emergency Saving Fund

Saving is an important part of any financial plan. Although it can be difficult at times, sufficient savings can come in handy, especially in emergency situations. Having a savings fund that is enough to sustain at least six months of bills and expenses will protect your family in the case of an emergency that cuts your monthly income.

Although this may take some time, having this emergency fund creates a cushion of security and peace of mind. Consider how much your family spends monthly in bills and expenses and make sure to include household bills, car expenses, debts, and school/educational needs. If that number is around $2500, then it goes that your family should have at least $15,000 set aside.

While this may seem like a great deal of money, it is a necessary sacrifice. Money put away and saved immediately is money that can be lived without. Take a percentage out of each month’s paycheck and stash it away. In the event that an emergency does occur, you will be happy that you can still pay bills and provide for your family. Several families worry that 6 months of savings is not enough. In this case, make a financial plan with your spouse to have 9 months or even an entire year’s worth of expenses saved and set aside. This can be a lofty task and take some time. For this reason, you may need to have a basic duration of 6 months off from which to build.

If you are facing difficulties, you can try approaching ComCare, as they provide financial assistance for low income families, be it for short or long term. ComCare is an initiative by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). They help families to look for suitable jobs and provide alternative solution for monetary issues.

#2 A Proper Health Insurance Cove Goes A Long Way

One of the most detrimental incidents for a family is a sudden illness that incurs significant medical bills. Since healthcare expenses are costly in Singapore, sky-high medical bills can cause serious harm to your family’s financial status. But even before hiring the best money lender Singapore has to offer, you need to ensure that your family has good medical coverage as then, you are protecting them both their health and the family pocket book.

A private medical coverage policy such as HLAS Personal Accident Plan – HLAS Accident Protect360 


  • Up to 5 benefits with total coverage of up to S$250,000.
  • Up to S$1,000 of reimbursement for Accidental Medical expenses including treatment charges by a Chinese Physician (up to 50% of Benefit payable) in the event of accidents.
  • Income Protector pays for your loss of monthly salary/income of up to S$500 per month, maximum total of S$2,000.

The HLAS group has a variety of personal and commercial insurance plans as well. Such as Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Package Insurance and etc.

#3 Also Consider A Life Insurance Cover

Although it is not a situation that you may want to think about, it is crucial that you consider how your family will be provided for in the case that you fall gravely ill and will not be around to provide for them. Death is not only devastating but can leave a family in ruins due to unpaid bills, medical expenses, funeral costs, and the overall loss of the main financial provider. To give your family a secure future, obtain good life insurance coverage on top of your medical coverage.

Determining which financial plan is best for your family is similar to creating an emergency savings fund. First, calculate what your family’s monthly expenses will be without you. Second, take in to consideration your children and their educational and recreational needs. Third, think about your spouse and what they might need to take care of the family such as a domestic helper. Get a maid insurance as well.

What is often overlooked at additional expenses needed by the surviving spouse. In the case of death, your spouse may need to take time off from work to help provide for the family mentally and emotionally. If this occurs, you will need to calculate in your spouses’ monthly income and additional costs. Consider having a conversation with your spouse and determining these amounts together.

#4 Make Estate Planning A Priority

Fatalities can lead to confusion and frustration for the family in regards to your estate and assets. Have a financial plan and insurance policies in plan that clearly outline the rightful beneficiaries. Unless there is a clear will in place, your estate and assets can be legally tied up for an extended period of time adding stress and frustration to your already grieving family. If there is no will present, according to the law in Singapore, your assets will be distributed according to the Singapore Intestate-Succession Act.

This act leaves all assets and estate to the immediate surviving family which means surviving spouse and children. In several cases, the deceased may have wished for something to be left to the parents. Without sufficient estate planning, not all the beneficiaries you wish to receive your assets will receive their share.

Act Now

Such detailed planning and preparation takes time. For this reason, begin planning for your family’s financial security today. Set up an emergency fund which has at least 6 months of bills and expenses. Purchase and set up sufficient medical and life insurance. Plan your estate and will clearly dictating all beneficiaries. Take these steps and give you and your family peace of mind.

Published On: February 2nd, 2018

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