If you have a high-interest saving account and you are done buying some government bonds or maybe you even dabbled in your regular saving plans, now the question is what is next?

After doing all this you should take your next step outside the local market i.e. the global markets. This can be done at your favorite banks or investment brokerage but they may cost you a lot due to the high commission fees.

If you are a small-time investor you can go a much cheaper route which is using the Robo advisor route.

What are Robo Advisors?

Robo advisors are digital advisory services that replace human beings such as the human investment manager. These come in many forms but one of them is signing up on an online platform, inputting your goals and risk appetite, and using some algorithms. Upon doing so, Robo advisors will recommend some investment portfolios for you according to some data you put in.

If you are happy with the suggestion Robo advisor gives you, the investment can be done directly through them. You will also be able to monitor your portfolio and rebalance it when you need to. Every Robo advisor is different as they use different algorithms as it is based on the company’s knowledge of markets and investments.

Robo Advisors helps you automate your international investments in a low-risk way by helping you invest in the ETFs which stands for ‘Exchange Traded Funds’. These can be invested in a variety of assets like gold, bonds, stocks, or even more. ETFs that Robo advisors usually deal with are the US and worldwide.

Robo Advisors being simple investment instruments, they let you invest in long-term instead of short-term gains by buying or selling frequently.

You may be interested in Robo advisors by now, let’s dive into the top Robo advisors.

Top 6 Robo Advisors



Syfe also known for best gaining Singaporean real-estate exposure, uses their proprietary investment methodology which is the Automated Risk-managed Investments (ARI) strategy.

This does an automated adjustment to your portfolio to enhance more of risk-adjusted returns by managing your portfolio downside risks. Syfe’s portfolio only diversified into bonds or equities, it also has commodities as well.

It has also launched Singapore’s first risk-managed REIT portfolio named Syfe REIT+ to provide users more investment choices. Syfe’s fees are 0.8% and there is no minimum investment amount (can be invested with whatever amount you have).

Using Syfe as gives you exposure to factor-based equity portfolios.


StashAwayStashAway is most transparent and user- friendly. It uses a proprietary investment strategy known as Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation (ERAA) which is based on the theory of economic cycles.

The asset allocation mix of customers’ portfolios is rebalanced through monitoring changing economic indicators. StashAway offers investments spanning diverse geographies and sectors having 31 risk profiles based on 19 ETFs.

It does not have any minimum investment amount and its fees are up to 0.8%. StashAway has also launched its other cash management account known


AutoWealthAutoWealth portfolio consists of index-tracking ETFs listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ).

Autowealth assigns a wealth manager who is readily available to assist clients via WhatsApp.

It has a minimum investment amount of $3000 and fees of 0.5% and $18 for management and platform fees.


KristalKristal.AI offers two accounts one is the Kristal Freedom account (for all investors) and the second one is the Kristal Private Wealth (for accredited investors). The Kristal freedom account provides solutions for ETFs and ETF baskets while the Kristal Private Wealth account provides solutions for both ETFs and individual stocks.

The minimum investment amount should be from $100 to $12,000 and fees are 0 if your investment is under $50,000 and above that, you will have to pay 0.3%


EndowusEndowus is a financial advisor providing high-quality financial advice, creating personalized asset allocation and portfolio for investment. Endowus uses the Evidence-Based Investment Approach by using the low-cost portfolio for investments by selecting the best-in-class funds while being globally diversified.

Its minimum investment amount is $10,000 and the fees are 0.4% (CRF and SRS portfolio) and 0.25% to 0.6% (cash portfolio) based on the amount of investment you have made.

UOB Utrade Robo

UOB Utrade RoboUtrade identifies a global diverse portfolio as well as asset classes comprising multi-assets including stocks, bonds, and commodities. It selects the low-cost ETFs listed globally to each asset class.

The minimum investment amount is $5000 and advisor fees are 0.5%-0.88%, depending on the amount you have invested.

Which Robo Advisor to use?

As there are a lot of options available, it is sure confusing to look for the best one to choose. We can compare the available Robo Advisors and choose the best one available to us. The best comparison we can make is based on their fees and minimum deposits.

The recommendation on the bases of low fee costs comparing the three:

Syfe vs Auto Wealth vs Kristal.Al

  • Syfe is currently new in town and is offering the lowest fee costs

No Minimum Investment:

StashAway vs Syfe

  • If you are interested in the US market to go for Syfe but if not the best is also StashAway as it charges 0.8 which is slightly higher than Syfe.

If you are a serious Investor then the best one for you is:

Auto Wealth

  • Even though its minimum amount is higher, it is designed for serious investors as it provides you better assistance via text. You can communicate well and it can help you in your decision-making.

​If you’re planning for your retirement and want to boost your current income, you may consider using the best Robo advisors in Singapore. As mentioned earlier, it can help when it comes to investing your money in the stock market. The best Robo advisors in Singapore can help on how to start your investment.

Published On: September 27th, 2023

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