When summer finally welcomes itself to call ends to the fierce fangs of winter, travelling around to have fan is not an
option. However, that dream travel hardly comes without hefty spending. Spending an entire fortune on short-term travel is illogical. Neither is it confining oneself because travelling is expensive.

Whereas Singapore is a relatively tiny country, travelling does not exclude the need to dig deeper into the pocket to finance nice travel and stay. With the government’s red tapes on owning personal cars, public transport does not provide the much-expected privacy and comfort, and an alternative option for road travel to Malaysia is getting a cheap car rental service. This is likely to cost some good portion of our bank account’s hard-earned money. But do bear in mind that not all car rental provide valid car insurance for all the riders in the vehicle. Should you need car insurance, get a quota from HL Assurance.

Furthermore, while planning to travel, it is not always applicable that it will be an expensive affair. Based on the consciousness you attach to your budget, there are risks involved that sometimes they tend to be inevitable. Here are useful tips on how you can overstretch your dollar, limit travel-related risks, enjoy all the while and remain with some dollars to jingle.

Travel insurance

Getting out of the comfort of your routine to experience the world around Singapore may involve a change of environment and exposure to things that may cause you to spend more. Ideally, while travelling there are incidences where one can lose baggage, fall ill, or with air travel, experience flight cancellation. All these can turn your travel into a nightmare. Obtaining a travel cover can save you thousands of dollars. This means that as a traveller, at least you need one or more of the following;

Emergency medical insurance

Grabbing the opportunity to obtain an emergency medical insurance cushions you from unexpected expenses when you fall ill from a distant place. When you think of emergency medical evacuation, ambulance services and first aid among others, the costs involved are better handled by an emergency medical insurance, in the form of a proper travel medical plan that focuses on emergency medical and evacuation.

Car Rental Services

While in Singapore, public transport may come in handy merely because you could not cargo your car with you. However, the call for comfort, privacy and time consciousness as well as travel convenience will require a personal means of travel. Whether you want to spend some good time at Sentosa or experience the enticing fanfare at Singapore Flyer, or a thrilling Night Safari to the Singapore Botanic Garden, a personal car is a handy tool. Therefore, the following is an option to “owning” a vehicle while in Singapore for as long as you stay.

Founded in 2004, BizLink Rent-A-car limited is a solution to the problem of car ownership issues in Singapore. With more than 200 cars to choose from, your choice is not limited. As well, you can have a rental car or a chauffeur-driven option. As one of the leading companies in Singapore as a car rental corporate, the company provides highly competitive and affordable services in car rental. Besides, if you do not prefer chauffeur-driven option, you can select from long short term retail car rental, expat leasing, and commercial vehicle rental.

Further reduction in travel expenses

After you are covered medically and car insurance from the Car Insurance Shopper company, and car rental from BizLink Rent-A-car Limited, your expenses can be reduced further. The following is a breakdown of things you might look down upon but are equally expensive.

Accommodation: based on your budgetary limits, you can save more on accommodation through Airbnb. It has come in handy to provide this service, where you can couch surf at a stranger’s apartment if you are a risk taker.

Transport: While in a hurry to get to your next destination, and not familiar with Singapore air travel industry, you may end up spending more. However, Skyscanner triangulates for best air ticket prices. Another better option is to accrue frequent flyer miles using a credit card. Wary not about the expiry date of the flyer miles because Citi PremierMiles Visa Card enables you to accrue them time unlimited.

Food: While some travel advisors prefer self-cooking or carrying food along, it feels better to experience adventure with new foods also. However, it is needless to look for a Five Star Hotel to eat. Capitalize on peer-to-peer revolution from websites such as Eatwith and Booklokal will enable you to select a dining exposure. You will also assume a chef-in-chief by experiencing various foods with home chefs and also take cooking classes.

Moving around the city: Instead of having a tour-guide service, experience the city with locals. You will make friends learn a new language and spend less altogether.

Previous travel expansive budget is no longer a thing to worry nowadays. With budget travel, you will neither compromise on comfort nor limit the experience. Availability of various alternatives serves the benefit of having you experience the best of travel for much less, without having to break your bank.

Published On: March 9th, 2018

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