Nowadays, shopping is much easier due to the presence of online shopping sites. It has become much more convenient since after the pandemic, you can buy online from the comfort of your home. We can see that this is becoming part of the lifestyles of Singaporeans. And, if you love clothes, you’ve got an array of online clothing shops in Singapore to choose from.

Online clothing shops have a lot to offer, whether you like trendy or classic clothes. But with so many online clothing stores to choose from, you may be wondering which the best is. In this article, we are going to highlight our top online clothing shops in Singapore, including its best features:

Let’s dive and discover the awesome online clothing stores in Singapore.

Top Online Clothing Stores in Singapore


SHEIN Singapore

SHEIN Singapore

Best for Affordable and Trendy Wear

SHEIN was initially founded in 2008 and was branded as SheInside. In 2015, it revamped its brand into SHEIN. Now, this China-based fashion online retailer is conquering the globe. Last June 2021, it announced that it will open a new hub in Singapore.

This site provides a wide variety of clothes for women as well as men of all ages. Yes, you will not only find clothes for grown-ups you will also find clothes for Kids.

It also offers an exclusive collection of trendy apparel as well as shoes, accessories and beauty products. The good news is that their products are all budget-friendly. You can buy up to 10 clothes by just spending $100. Moreover, you can find various on-sale items that will give you huge savings.

If it’s your first time ordering at SHEIN Singapore, don’t forget to use the code SHESG to get S$4 off. Also, get an extra 10% off when you download the app and use the code ASAPP10. Get started by registering an account.

Get free standard shipping on orders over S$5.97.




Best for Everyday Wear

Unique Clothing Warehouse which was shortened to Uniqlo existed since 1972. They showcase their products as up-to-date but not trendy. Uniqlo aims to provide clothing “made for all” which can be worn anytime you need it and on any occasion so it’s a good option for those looking for something basic.

They have created their ‘LifeWear’ line to provide clothing that is designed to make people’s lives better. It features simple, high-quality, everyday clothing that is perfect for its functional purpose. This showcases the blend of casual and sportswear.

The clothes are the product of their innovation wherein one of which is the HeatTech which can turn moisture into heat which can be retained within the fabric through the existence of an air pocket.

Also, another awesome thing that you can find within their site is that you’ve got a chance to read their exclusive magazines – where you can get another idea for your mix and match.




Best for Street Wear

Pomelo which was launched in 2013, has now become one of the leading omnichannel platforms in Southeast Asia. They showcase an on-trend, online and on the go. Pomelo fashion offers unique style and unparalleled prices, their main aim is to provide every woman with their best look.

This Bangkok-based clothing line is delivered across the world to over 50 countries globally. And, this online clothing store is popular for its high-fashion streetwear for women.

Going through their website, you can see a huge array of choices, from casual wear, and activewear up to accessories. They have also partnered with other brands to provide a unique collection. If you’re also looking for fashion advice and how to mix and match, you may check their latest lookbook.




Best Trendy Women’s Clothes

Inspired by every woman, Love, Bonito believes that “when we look good, we feel good”. This means that for them, fashion is a tool to help every woman find clothes that can help them be their true selves.

LoveBonito aims to create well-made and well-fitted clothes at an affordable price and have the power to inspire them and be confident. Thus, Love, Bonito became popular in offering trendy pieces for women that cover every season and every stage of their lives.

One, unique thing about their website is that you can book a stylish session. They have style ambassadors who can help you find the right clothes. In order to book a stylist, you need to be an LBCommunity+ member.



Best for Affordable and Comfy Casual Wear

If you are on the hunt for affordable and comfy casual wear, one website where you can shop is Cotton On. This brands started in Geelong, Australia in the late 80s selling only denim jackets in a local market. Now, they are part of the global community.

This site has tons of casual wear and options for everyday wear, activewear, as well as clothes for every season. They also have clothes for all ages and genders. Whether you are looking for women’s, men’s, baby, or kids’ clothes, you can find it here.

Cotton On also collaborates with other brands to create a unique collection. Another interesting thing to watch out for on their site is that they have bundle offers where you can get huge savings.


Yishion Singapore

Yishion Singapore

Best for Oversized T-shirts & All-Things Denim

Founded in 1997, Yishion aimed to provide fashionable items to its customers through excellent quality products at affordable prices. With their commitment to quality, they have become the leading casual wear brand in the industry with more than 6000 stores worldwide. In 2016, they received an award for being the most influential brand in fashion.

Today, Yishion continues its “Share-in DNA” to bring the inner fashionista to everyone through its trendy and quality apparel. Aside from being the best in offering oversized tees and denim, they also love to showcase versatility in their casual wear.

Whatever the occasion, there are perfect clothes for you, whether it’s for casual wear, parties, or work, you have an array of choices.

Another awesome thing about this site is that they will provide you with some mix-and-match and fashion advice. By signing up on their membership section, you can get a free lifetime membership, plus get $5 off on your first purchase. You can also earn points in each transaction. You may also get double points for all transactions on your birth month. Moreover, you can’t miss their exclusive online deals and invitations when you sign up for membership.

It’s Now Your Turn to Choose

With a huge selection listed above, we hope that our list gives you a new perspective on fashion. Overall, these clothing brands inspire and give us the confidence to be who we are. Just like what was said above, fashion is indeed a tool to empower, whatever your gender, race, or age, you can find a perfect fit and ideal clothes.

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Published On: May 1st, 2024

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