The Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MLCB) is an important but often overlooked part of Singapore’s financial industry. It helps make sure that when people borrow and lend money, they do so in a trustworthy and responsible way. This article will talk about what the MLCB does, how it affects borrowing in Singapore, and why it’s important.

What is the Moneylenders Credit Bureau?

The main duty of the Moneylenders Credit Bureau is to show clearly how capable borrowers are of paying back loans. This isn’t just about numbers, but also about creating a landscape where everyone makes smart decisions that lead to better financial health for people and businesses. People should look at the MLCB as more than just an office that makes rules, but as a key player in making Singapore’s economy strong and giving people and companies a chance to grow financially.

How does the MLCB Work?

Let’s dive into how the money lender credit bureau promotes a culture of thoughtful borrowing and lending.

Collecting and Keeping Data

The MLCB gathers and holds detailed data about borrowers’ loan activities from licensed moneylenders. This data includes personal identification, loan amounts, interest rates, repayment plans, and the current loan status. By bringing this information together, the MLCB makes sure moneylenders can see a borrower’s full financial situation.

Credit Reporting

Generating credit reports for borrowers is one of the major tasks of the money lender credit bureau. These reports are important since they show how creditworthy an individual is based on their borrowing and repayment history. The reports list the kinds of loans taken, repayment track record, outstanding debts, and any missed or late payments. This data is key for moneylenders to judge the risk of lending to someone.

Supporting Smart Lending Choices

With detailed credit reports from the MLCB, licensed moneylenders can make well-informed decisions. They can understand the risk of not getting paid back, decide on loan amounts, and set fair interest rates according to a borrower’s credit history. This approach helps protect lenders from losses and keeps borrowers from taking on too much debt, keeping Singapore’s financial system healthy.

Helping Borrowers

People can get their credit reports from the bureau to better understand their financial status. This clarity helps borrowers handle their debts better, improve their credit ratings, and make smarter choices about borrowing in the future. It’s also a way to educate and empower Singaporeans and help them confidently deal with credit complexities.

What’s in the Loan Information Report?

Understanding the Loan Information Report is crucial for borrowers to improve their financial habits and for moneylenders to make informed decisions. This report contains several important parts, each showing different sides of a borrower’s financial dealings with licensed moneylenders. Here’s a breakdown:

Personal and Employment Information

It starts with basic details like name, address, date of birth, and National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number, plus employment information including job status and monthly income. These facts are needed to evaluate loan repayment potential.

Loan History and Credit Score

At its core, the report from the moneylender credit bureau lists all loan activities with licensed moneylenders, such as loan amounts, interest rates, terms, and repayment track records. Additionally, it shows current loans, any defaults, and loans that have been paid off, all contributing to the borrower’s credit score. This score is a measure of how likely they are to repay loans.

Exclusion Records

The report also mentions if someone has chosen to exclude themselves from getting unsecured loans, a move to manage financial health better.

Civil Judgments and Bankruptcy Records

It includes any legal judgments related to loan repayments and bankruptcy history, which can affect a borrower’s credit score and loan eligibility.

Who Can Access the MLCB Report?

Access to this report is strictly controlled for privacy and security reasons. The following groups have access:

The Registry of Moneylenders

This agency oversees licensed moneylenders, ensuring they follow the law. They use the MLCB report to monitor and regulate lending practices.

The Ministry of Law

This government body creates and enforces moneylending laws. It accesses the MLCB report to make policy decisions and protect borrowers.


People who have taken loans from licensed moneylenders can request their MLCB reports. This lets them see their loan history, understand their credit status, and make better financial choices.

Licensed Moneylenders

Before giving out urgent loans, licensed moneylenders check the MLCB report to evaluate the credit risk of potential borrowers. This helps prevent defaults and promotes responsible lending.

How Is MLCB Data Updated?

The MLCB database is constantly updated to reflect loans and repayments:

By Licensed Moneylenders

They must update the MLCB database whenever a loan is given, paid back, or changes in any way. This keeps the borrower’s credit report up-to-date, offering a real-time view of their financial responsibilities and payment habits.

Automatic Updates

The MLCB system automatically receives and incorporates updates from licensed moneylenders. This ensures the database is always current.

Frequency of Updates

How often borrower records are updated depends on the moneylenders’ reporting habits. The system is set up to update as transactions happen, making sure the MLCB report accurately reflects a borrower’s credit situation.

Why Check Your MLCB Report?

Regularly reviewing your Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MLCB) report is essential for financial health and credit reputation. Experts suggest checking it at least once a year to catch inaccuracies or potential fraud early. If you have active loans or plan to borrow soon, consider checking every three to six months. This helps you stay informed about your credit status and make better borrowing decisions.

How to Obtain Your Loan Information Report

Getting your report from the MLCB is easy. Prepare to pay a S$0.50 fee.


Visit the MLCB’s official website, enter your NRIC number, and follow the authentication steps.

In Person

You can also get your report by visiting the MLCB office.

Contact Channels

Alternatively, call +65 6565 6363 for assistance.

Benefits of the MLCB Report

Here’s why you should consider obtaining your moneylender credit bureau report:

Better Credit Understanding

The report gives a full view of your credit history, including loan details and repayment records. This insight is key to knowing how to improve your financial habits and build a positive credit score.

Smarter Borrowing Choices

With your credit information, you can also make smarter decisions about new or existing loans, potentially securing better terms and avoiding too much debt.

Dispute Resolution

If there are errors in your report, you can challenge them with the MLCB or the lender involved. Fixing these mistakes can boost your credit score and borrowing prospects.

Regular checks can also reveal unauthorised actions or mistakes that might suggest identity theft, allowing for quicker action to prevent financial damage.

Final Thoughts

Recognising the importance of accessing and understanding your MLCB report is a step toward financial literacy and independence.

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Published On: February 19th, 2024

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