With holiday season just around the corner, it is also about the time when we start scrolling through social media platforms, and old albums, only to become reminiscent of our travels. And, it is about this time when we begin to plan for our travels during this holiday season as well. That is until we take a look at our bank account or an online statement, only to see we don’t have the finances set aside, or that we aren’t sure we are going to be able to plan an overseas trip this year.

Hold on! Even if you haven’t been saving year round for the money for booking your travels, all is not yet lost. So, take these five simple tips into account when the time comes for you to begin your holiday planning. It may still be possible for you to make the most out of the holiday season, without having to delve into your savings, or to start asking family to borrow some money, in order for you to book your flight home. Consider these basic tips when the time for you to book your travel itinerary is here. Or you can just simply apply for an instant personal loan to scoot out of Singapore to get yourself recharge and work even harder.

1. Go Rogue

Searching incognito is a good thing at times. You know when sites track cookies on your computer? This might mean they are also tracking your travel itineraries, and that it is possibly going to cost you more to book with a particular site, when things are all said and done. If the sites notice you have been searching a specific route, company, or carrier, they are likely going to adjust rates, and they are going to charge you more when the time comes to book. So when you are doing your searches do so without tracking, and do not allow for a site to track your search history. Even though you will have to type in the name of a destination each time you run that search, you at least know you are going to get the fairest rates when you are ready to book your trip for a particular destination that you have in mind.

2. Flexibility is Key

If you are visiting busy or popular holiday destinations, prices are likely going to be higher to certain spots. So, keep flexible dates and times. Consider using sites like Skyscanner, use Google flights, or rely on sites like Expedia. All are going to help you find the best rate you can possibly find, and they are going to alert you when there is a new saving, discount, or if there are possible ways you can save when the time comes to book with a particular carrier. Furthermore, these sites are going to work to help you find the lowest rate, and will do so by comparing all carriers so you do not have to do it yourself. This means you are going to visit the destinations you want to, and that you are going to do so for the cheapest price possible when you are ready to book your holiday travel flight dates.

3. Mid week flight

Scoot Airline Singapore LogoWho wants to scoot on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or evening? Most people avoid to do so if they can. So when the time comes for you to book, if you are flexible with flight dates, and if you are willing to travel mid week, you will be surprised at just how much you can really save when you are ready to book your itinerary for your trip. Additionally, there are many carriers that will offer upgrades, or offer other voucher options, if their flights are not full on these days. So you might as well compare a few carriers, the flight options, and see what is out there. You might just save a great deal on the flight you are going to book, and you might even get a nice upgrade when you are ready to choose the airline carrier that you are going to fly with for the trip you are booking to take during the holiday season this year. Scoot Airline is one of the budget carriers that offer attractive fares so simply plan your trip with them today!

4. Become more social

Social media is key; and the airline carriers rely on it for marketing and to let you know about discounts or savings as well. So, if you are not on the social platforms, make sure you check them out, and sign up, prior to going and booking your flight with a particular site or carrier. If you are willing to compare, and if you take the time out to see what top airlines are offering, you can easily find a much better deal on a flight you are planning on taking. And, if you do use the social platforms, you can quickly compare, see what the bigger airlines are offering in terms of savings, and you can even tweet them or send them a message, for further discounts which are out there to be found when booking your flight itinerary.

5. Mix things up

Sure, you live next to a major airport; but, if you are willing to drive 20 miles to another small airport, you will be surprised just how much cheaper the flights are going to be. The same goes with the airline. Yes, you are loyal to a couple companies; but, take a chance and see what is out there. Look at the smaller, lesser known companies, and see the type of discounts they have to offer. You might find a new favorite airline carrier for your travel needs, and you can easily find a much cheaper price when the time comes for you to book for your flight as well. So, be open, and at least check out what kind of savings are out there to be found when you are ready to book your travels.

Holiday season is going to be here sooner than you expect it to be. So, you are now armed with the tools you need to save, and the great advice you need to use when you are ready to run searches for your flights. Scoot out there and prepare for the best holiday season, all while finding the best prices for your travel needs online.

Published On: September 12th, 2017

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