A lot of us are choosing to leave the comfort of their own homes to experience living overseas. One of the reasons for doing so is if you want to look for a better quality of life, best schools and greater working opportunities. One should be ready not just physically but also emotionally and financially. Slight to drastic change can be experienced with cultures, beliefs and way of life during the transition. But as your stay in that country longers, you will be able to adapt with these changes eventually.

Singapore is a highly competitive country and one of the most go-to placein Southeast Asia. In fact, even if it’s the smallest country in Southeast Asia, lots and lots of foreign nationals spend money just to experience how its like to live in the country. The government in 2013 even forecasted a huge change in their population when the year 2030 came. They said that immigrants will make up more than 50 percent of their total population.

Why does Singapore attracts a lot of immigrants?

Singapore is considered as a first world country. Having said that means that thousand of opportunities can be found there. It is therefore one of many reasons, aside from its rich culture, breathtaking infrastructures and mouthwatering dishes, why people love to stay in the country whether for a short visit or for a lifetime. But first things first, what are the considerations in renting in Singapore? It is a very important factor to think of when you decide to live in Singapore. Here are the seven things to consider when renting in Singapore.

1.) Budget

Consider your budget and decide on what is the best place to rent. Let’s face it, Singapore is one of those countries with a high cost of living. Housing can be very very expensive in this country. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, some companies provide housing for their expat employees. But if you are working on a tight budget, allot more of your time to find the home that is most suitable for your needs. Online is one of the best place to go when you need anything even when you are in need of money, there are licensed money lender available. You can search through the internet to have an idea of how much is the minimum for renting houses. From there, you can work on your budget.

2.) Location

Consider also your desired location to stay. Of course, with great facilities or amenities come with great value so you should be ready for it. In highly urbanized place might cost a bit higher than on suburban. Although almost everywhere in Singapore has a convenience stores, transportation modes (MRT, Bus, Taxi) and schools, you must still take into consideration your workplace or the school you are going to study. Transportation however, is never an issue on the country for there are plenty of them. Getting a corporate car rental in Singapore isn’t difficult and their charges are relatively affordable as well.

But you should at least try to look for a house that is nearer to your work or school, as much as possible it should be walking distance for everything like church, mall, retail outlets, schools and parks.

3.) Different properties available in the Singapore

If you are working on a tight budget or if you have a lot to work on to, Singapore has plenty to offer.

(i) Landed house – this type of house is usually bungalow with a surrounding land. This type usually cost more than the other options

(ii) Condominiums – units or apartments that are individually owned. It comes with great facilities such as swimming pools and a lot more

(iii) Walk up – smaller places that don’t usually have elevators

(iv) Cluster house – a combination of a landed house with condominium amenities such as gym, function rooms and many more

(v) HDB – Housing Development Board is a government housing in Singapore

4.) Length of Stay

If you wish to stay in the country for a short period of time, hotels can be a great option for you. You can just book for a room and just pay the number of days that you stayed there. But if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time to years, consider renting on a more convenient and cheaper, as much as possible, options that you could have (refer to consideration number 3).

Once that you are decided on the earlier considerations, it’s now time to decide for the place that you choose, consider that fact that sometimes, or most of the time, agents are there to represent the owner or owners of the place or house that you want to rent. Consider also the so-called agent’s fee aside from the rent that you are paying so it’s better to ask yourself if it is a good deal with a good price.

When everything is settled, you need to sign a Tenancy Contract or Agreement. This should be carefully reviewed by you to avoid confusion and doubt since you are the one to pay the rent. Ask yourself if all the clauses are reasonable for the price as well as the benefits that you can enjoy while renting their place.

Last and definitely the most important, at the end of the day home should be a place to rest your tired mind and body from work or school. The house that you should choose must not only be aesthetically beautiful but also you should feel at east with it. You should feel safe in the place and can left the house without a doubt in mind. You should be able to fall in love with it since that will be your place as long as you stay in the country. Because when you love something, you will take care for it.

It is never easy to start anew. New surroundings, new cultures and new life so one should take note and create a game plan of how they will cope up with these changes. These changes will definitely impact your life since the day you decided to stay in the country. These changes should never be a hindrance for you to have a great life. Quality of life should never be sacrificed as well. Even if you have a tight budget, you should never deprive yourself with the great things that Singapore has to offer. However, never spend more than what you earn and end up with nothing on your hands Learn how to budget your earnings and make the most out of it You should blend in and as much as possible save for your future. A good retirement will always be sweeter than a bountiful today. Invest on a good house and enjoy your stay in the country Singapore.

Published On: April 13th, 2018

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