A maximum of 4% per month. Effective 1st of October 2015, moneylenders can charge an interest rate of up to 4% per month. This is the maximum interest rate that they can charge. This applies to any income earners and types of loans (either secured or unsecured). In the case of failure for repayment, the maximum for late interest charge is also 4% per month. This is applicable for each month with late repayment.

The interest rate to be charged must be based on the principal remaining. For example, if the original loan is at $10,000 and you have repaid $6000, the remaining is $4000. So, the interest rate will be based on your $4000 principal remaining.

In addition, for the late repayment example, if your total remaining is $6000 and your monthly installment is $3000, the moneylender can only charge the late interest rate on $3000. The lender cannot charge for the late interest rate on the total remaining which is $6000.