Managing shared expenses or savings goals has become more straightforward with joint bank accounts. Thankfully, Singapore offers a ton of options for those looking to manage their finances collaboratively.

Whether it’s for household expenses, saving for a shared goal, or business transactions, finding the best joint bank accounts in Singapore is essential for efficient and rewarding financial management.

What is a Joint Bank Account?

A joint bank account is a bank account shared by two or more individuals. It is typically used by couples, family members, or business partners. It allows all parties to deposit, withdraw, and manage funds collectively, making it an ideal tool for managing shared financial responsibilities and goals. Joint accounts can simplify budgeting, save on fees, and foster financial transparency among holders.

Top Joint Bank Accounts in Singapore

We’ve rounded up the top joint bank accounts in the country.

DBS My Account

Interest Rate: 0.05% p.a.

DBS My Account stands out for its versatility. It offers multi-currency capabilities and a wide array of banking services. Users can enjoy the convenience of paying, transacting, investing, and making overseas transfers all within one account. With about 700 ATM outlets and 68 branches island-wide, accessibility is one of its strongest suits.

DBS eMySavings Account

Interest Rate: Up to 0.25%, depending on monthly savings.

Tailored for savers, the DBS eMySavings Account allows couples or partners to set a fixed monthly savings amount ranging from S$50 to S$3,000 in multiples of S$10. This account offers the flexibility to adjust the savings date and amount anytime, promoting disciplined saving habits. However, withdrawals or failure to credit the account on time will result in a base interest rate of 0.05%.

OCBC 360 Account

Interest Rate: Up to 4.65% p.a.

OCBC 360 Account is renowned for rewarding account holders with bonus interest for various banking activities, including salary crediting, bill payments, and credit card spending. It’s an excellent choice for couples aiming to optimise their financial habits and grow their savings effortlessly.

UOB One Account

Interest Rate: Up to 7.8% p.a.

The UOB One Account is ideal for those seeking something simple. It offers attractive interest rates based on credit card spending and GIRO transactions. Additionally, this account encourages disciplined saving and spending, making it a top contender for the best joint bank accounts in Singapore.

Standard Chartered Bonus$aver Account

Interest Rate: up to 7.88% p.a.

With the Standard Chartered Bonus$aver Account, you can enjoy one of the highest interest rates in the market, provided you meet specific criteria like spending on the account’s debit or credit card and investing or insuring with the bank. It’s tailored for financially savvy people looking to get the most out of their joint banking experience.

Maybank SaveUp Account

Interest Rate: Up to 4.0% p.a.

The Maybank SaveUp Account offers a unique proposition by allowing account holders to earn bonus interest by engaging in various banking products and services. From loans to insurance and investments, the more you use, the more you save, making it a versatile choice for comprehensive financial planning.

HSBC Everyday Savings Account

Interest Rate: 5.15% p.a. (3 Month Introductory Variable Rate), 3.30% p.a. (Ongoing Variable Rate)

The HSBC Everyday Global Savings Account is perfect for globetrotting duos. Offering the ability to save and transact in multiple currencies, it eliminates the need for separate currency accounts. With attractive interest rates and worldwide access, it’s a top choice for international couples or business partners.

How to Choose the Best Joint Bank Account in Singapore

Selecting the best joint bank account in Singapore is about finding an account that aligns with your shared financial goals and lifestyle. Here’s a guide to help you and your partner or co-account holder make an informed decision.

Assess Your Joint Financial Goals

Sit down together and discuss what you both want to achieve with your joint bank accounts. Are you saving for a big purchase like a home or car, managing household expenses, or perhaps saving for a dream vacation? Your goals will significantly influence the type of account you choose.

Understand the Account Features

Look for the best joint bank accounts that offer competitive interest rates to grow your savings faster. However, higher rates might come with conditions, so ensure you can meet them without stretching your finances too thin.

Additionally, pay attention to any monthly maintenance fees, transaction fees, or penalties for not maintaining a minimum balance. These can eat into your savings over time, so opt for an account with low or no fees.

Lastly, some accounts require a minimum amount to open or maintain to earn interest. Ensure the amount is comfortable for both of you to commit to without straining your finances.

Consider Your Banking Habits

If you’re both active spenders and savers, look for the best joint bank accounts in Singapore that reward these activities with higher interest rates or cashback on purchases made with the account’s debit card.

Keep in mind that having access to online and mobile banking is a must. Ensure the account offers a robust digital banking experience, allowing you to manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

Look for Additional Perks

Some joint bank accounts come with perks like cashback, rewards points, or discounts on dining and shopping. If these benefits align with your spending habits, they can add substantial value to your account.

Also consider whether the account offers any insurance coverage or advanced security features to protect your money. These can provide peace of mind, knowing your finances are safe.

Read the Fine Print

Before making a decision, carefully read the account’s terms and conditions. Pay special attention to any clauses related to joint account operations, such as withdrawal limits or authorization requirements for transactions.

The Bottom Line

Deciding on the best joint bank account in Singapore is all about finding that perfect match. By sitting down together and figuring out what you both want, looking into what each account offers, and keeping the conversation going, you’re setting yourselves up for success.

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Published On: March 11th, 2024

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