When we talk about the culture or way of living of an individual or a group, we are actually talking about their lifestyle, the ways they live their lives and the interactions with other people. Apparently, it looks like it’s not the important thing to be concerned about, but in reality, it is all that matters.

When it comes to spending holidays or to shift to some city, there are certain priorities in our minds. No matter which class or background, we belong to, all we wanted in the end is peace, a place where we can go and forget about all the worries, a place which can connect us to nature. Unfortunately, there are few of them left and one of them is Singapore, a place that you must visit in your life at least once.  Holds the reputation of Garden City, this place is a unique blend of western culture and Asian traditions. With the Mosques, temple and churches to the Chinese shop houses and air conditioned malls, this city itself is a symbol of globalism, a safe, green heaven.

Singapore has a population of almost more than 5.6 million, out of which 1 million are on short or long term passes (foreign jobs). 75% of the Singaporean population are permanent residents. The two main ethnic groups are Indian and Malay.

If you want to visit a country where you can have a look on each and every culture of the world, Singapore is the one. However, if you are thinking of getting permanent residence there, you must rethink again. Singapore is one of the countries with the top GDP per capita, which also means that it is one of the expensive countries to reside. With the rank of 13thexpensive city in the world and 5th expensive city of Asia, this is not the city you can move in without a financial plan. However, there are certain things you can do to reside there easily and one of them is to get a fast cash loan from a licensed money lender. This way you can solve your financial issues easily.

No matter you need a house to rent or pay school fees of children; this will be one of the most expensive cities you can live in. So moving here without a plan would be a major issue. However, this money issue can easily be resolved with the help of a legal lender who can lend personal loan or payday loan which are easier to get.

Singapore Foods


If you want to have a variety of food in a single place, Singapore is the top one. Not only will you get the variety of food of one culture, but from different corners of the world. Now you don’t have to go to Italy for their taste and India for their spices, you can get all of that in a same place. Isn’t that amazing, experiencing all the cultures, interacting with people with different ethnicities, a chance to know major languages of the world, all in the same place. Being a hot spot for the tourists from all over the world, Singapore caters a diverse range of food and has an array of Cusines to choose from. Most of the food you will find there will be Malaysian food, Indonesian food, Chinese food Etc. There is so much variety of food that people can easily divulge in. Apart from that, people who love eating from the street vendors and from small food stalls can also try that as you will find a large amount of people standing in line to taste the street food. However, if you want to experience the fine dining of a high end restaurant, then these are available in abundance in Singapore. You will find the best elite foods and the best wine in these high end restaurants.


As this country is a global amalgamation of many cultures, there are four official languages: English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay. This means this is a place where you can find different dialects and paroles too. However, a person that is planning to visit Singapore or move to Singapore because of some job, they need not worry about language barriers. English is also one of the languages that are spoken in Singapore. So, want to enhance your vocabulary and world view? Visit Singapore, a beautiful, clean, green city with moderate temperature suitable for all kinds of people.


Singapore is a country that is really proud of their ethnic background and their culture. They celebrate their culture and their traditions in a variety of ways. Their formal dresses, their traditional events, their food Etc. all reflect their culture in some way or the other. There are so many museums, art galleries, buildings from prehistory, that you are bound to get lost in the aesthetic elements of things. Anyone who loves to take a look at the history and the culture of the country they are in. Singapore, just like other Asian countries, shares a lot of their values and norms with the other Asian countries, like taking care of the parents when they get old, paying respect to the elders, teachers Etc.

Singapore Business

Business industry:

Whenever we talk about the countries that have a high rate of tourism, we have to talk about the economy of that country. As Singapore is very renowned for tourism and people love to visit this beautiful country, this in turn brings in a lot of good for the economy. The business and finance industry in Singapore is as good as you would think of any flourishing country of the west. People love to do business in Singapore and they have a great margin for profit and success in Singapore as well. The education sector is also in a great form and thus the business and the economy is also on the rise. A lot of people even get loans from the banks or money lenders to start up a small business or a small shop in Singapore. This is because there is a great chance of success in this region.

Singapore Entertainment


As far as entertainment and living conditions goes the urban lifestyle is the best in Singapore. There are parks, night clubs, shopping malls, pools Etc. and a lot of other places where people can go and entertain themselves.

Singapore Houses

Houses in Singapore:

Singapore does not have that much land, so the living space there is less as compared to some other cosmopolitan country. Therefore, the price of homes and apartments in Singapore might turn out to be a little expensive. However, no need to worry, if you plan to live there, and you need cash, it is highly probable that a friend will help you out in that case. You can get help from friends, or you can get a small scale loan from the bank and pay the lease on your apartment.


Security is one of the major concerns of people that live in a country or those who are planning to visit a certain country. In Singapore, you will find no problem regarding security. There are strict laws and the people who break these laws are punished severely.

All in all, Singapore is the best place to visit. So, plan and pack away for your own trip to Singapore.

Published On: August 22nd, 2017

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