Our family is the most important people in our lives. No matter where we go or how our future turns out, we want to make sure that our dear ones are living a happy and comfortable life. This is particularly true for our aging parents, who will someday settle in a nursing home that will give them a safe and convenient experience during their old age. In this country where the aging population is increasing quite rapidly, it is never too early to start planning for determining the right nursing home for your dear parents.

At the same time, we have to admit the fact that it is not cheap to pay for a nursing home. The cost can be steep, depending on where you choose to send your loved ones. For those who were not able to prepare for this massive expense, they turn to banks or even licensed money lenders when it comes to the fastest and most convenient loan approval process. If their income does not suffice, they resort to taking out a payday loan or a personal loan from a money lender to cover the costs of sending their parents to a nursing home. In the end, their debts just continue to pile up after taking out loans after loans from one licensed money lender to another. It can’t get more stressful than this!

This is why if you do not want to end up in such a financial issue in the future, it helps to start planning ahead for this major expense in the future. Be aware of four important things to keep in mind during your search for the right nursing home and have your finances all set up for this inevitable expense you will have to face in life.

1. Cost

Let’s face the fact that nursing care is not at all cheap. After all, this will require you to hire people on a stay-in basis. If you have several people needed to make sure the patient receive the care needed, then you can expect the price to hike up even more. Researchers have discovered that the average expense in a typical Singapore nursing home care is at $106 per patient. So, the monthly bill can easily go to as much as $3,180 monthly. We can also look into different factors that affect the rate offered at nursing homes. The type of care provided can also impact the cost. If you opt for public nursing homes, then you can expect a lower cost because of subsidies offered by the government. This applies to those with less than $2,600 monthly household income. This is why if you are not confident about being able to afford a private nursing home, then you can always choose a public option for your parents’ nursing care needs.

Basically, there are very limited options when you wish to minimise the cost of nursing care expenses. Choosing a public nursing home is a practical way to do it, and some resort to using their credit cards for cashback earnings. But other than these, there is not much you can do to boost your savings on nursing home costs.

2. Type of Nursing Care

There would be certain degrees of nursing care that your parents will need, depending on their condition. But for the most part, there are three types of care to choose from including day care, home care services, and inpatient care. Generally, nursing homes cater to individuals who are no longer capable of caring for themselves because of their health condition. They may also choose to go to a nursing home because there is no one who can take care of them in their homes. For elderly people who are bed-ridden or dependent on a wheel chair, it will be impossible for them to attend to their personal needs. There are also individuals who do not possess the mental capacity required to perform day to day activities including cooking, feeding themselves, paying the bills, and so on. Thus, a nursing home is the only practical solution to help them meet their basic needs.

On the other hand, if there is another adult around who can handle the daily needs of an elderly, then it may not be necessary to look for a nursing home. There may be instance, however, when temporary help is required. This is the nature of respite care of a temporary type of nursing care.

Lastly, there are patients who may need a more comprehensive medical assistance such as the help of a professional. An inpatient hospice care is the one who can address such more complex needs, which goes beyond assisting with day to day activities of the patient. Elderly people who suffer from progressive and advanced stages of ailments will need a more sophisticated level of nursing or medical care environment for the relief of their pains and discomfort.

3. Care Philosophy

Nursing homes vary in terms of the care philosophy and mission of each. It is more than just the medical aspect of caring for the elderly. As an example, the ECON Nursing Home in Singapore offers exercise programs and recreational activities to the elderly for socialisation and entertainment purposes. These may include karaoke sessions and mahjong games that help foster friendship and interaction among the people in the nursing home. The fees may be a little pricier than in nursing homes with basic services. But at the same time, you want to make sure that the environment appeals to the needs and comfort of your parents. You would not want them to just stay confined in their room and settle on a dull and mundane daily schedule without any opportunity for socialisation or leisure, right?

There are also nursing homes that vary in terms of religious orientations and even medical philosophy. You need to look into these options to make sure that you give your parents a loving and comfortable place they can call their home.

4. Location

Even if your parents are in a safe and loving environment, you want to make sure that you can still visit them as often as possible. This is why choosing a nursing home that is accessible to where you live is important to give you an easy time to visit every now and then. Nothing will make them happier and well-loved than to see their family check in on them. They may have friends in the nursing home, but seeing and spending time with their dear ones will make them feel appreciated and cared for.

With this in mind, you should look for a nursing home that is not far from your home or workplace. This should allow you to drop by and visit your parents any time you want. Whether it is a special occasion or just a regular day, your presence can surely light up your beloved parents. So, never underestimate the value of frequent visits to your elderly parents now that they are in a nursing home. This goes without saying that choosing a local nursing home instead of opting for one situated in a foreign country is a more practical and reasonable choice since you would not want to worry in case an emergency occurs. The closer the nursing home is to your residence, the better. Or if you are living abroad such as China, there are well established and furnished assisted living elderly home in Shanghai as well.

Planning for the Transition

Making the move into a nursing home or skilled nursing facility is a major life transition for your loved one. With some careful planning and open communication, you can help make this adjustment go as smoothly as possible.

Start Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning. As soon as you know a nursing home transition is likely, begin researching potential facilities and gathering information. This allows you and your loved one ample time to visit places, ask questions, and make an informed decision without feeling rushed.

Involve Your Loved One

Your loved one’s needs, preferences, and input should drive this entire process. Involve them as much as possible in facility tours, planning meetings, and decisions about what to bring. Giving them a voice and sense of control can help them feel empowered during this major life change.

Make a checklist together of must-haves for their new home – things like private room preferences, amenities, location proximity to family, pet policies, etc. Prioritise these factors when evaluating nursing home options.

Plan Logistics

There are lots of logistics to handle with a nursing home move beyond just the facility itself:

  • Determine a moving plan for transporting belongings and setting up their new room to be comfortable.
  • Update legal and financial documentation like wills, powers of attorney, insurance, etc.
  • Decide what to do with their current home – renovate, rent, sell, etc.
  • Change address information and forward mail
  • Notify important contacts of the move

Breaking down these tasks into a checklist can make them feel more manageable. Delegate responsibilities among family members so no one gets overwhelmed.

Expect Emotions

Even if your loved one understands the reasons for the move, they may still feel sad, anxious, angry, or scared. Emotional ups and downs are normal. Be patient, listen without judgement, and remind them that this transition is about ensuring their safety and care needs are met. Remind them you’ll still be involved in their life at the new facility.

You may experience a range of emotions too as a caregiver. Seek out support groups or counselling to help process this major life change for both of you.

Ease the Adjustment

Once your loved one moves in, look for ways to ease their adjustment and make their new space feel like home:

  • Personalise their room with familiar belongings, photos, and comforts from their previous home
  • Attend activities and events with them initially to help them meet others
  • Keep visiting routines and traditions alive as much as possible
  • Introduce them to staff who can be go-to resources
  • Check in frequently those first few weeks to smooth out any issues

The more familiar, comfortable, and welcomed your loved one feels, the easier it will be for them to adapt to their new living situation.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right option for a nursing home where you can send your parents is very crucial not only budget-wise, but also in every single aspect that impacts your choice. Looking at the cost is just one part of several other criteria to consider when you search for the best home for your dear ones. So, make it a point to look into these important factors when it comes to choosing a suitable nursing home that will give the highest level of care to your parents without straining your budget at the same time.

Published On: April 5th, 2024

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