Searching a great place for holiday vacation destination would be a hard task for some individual but to some it would be a challenge and a memorable experience. A frequent holiday vacationer would consider the season or period of the year when going on a vacation, and some would consider their budget or the cost of expenses.

1. Not checking the weather forecast before you leave.

While you are typically all but guaranteed warm, sunny, and tropical weather, we all know that nature does have a mind of its own. Before going on holiday vacation you may not check the anticipated weather forecast and thus not packing accordingly. If you notice temperatures hovering around 70 degrees at night, pack a light sweater or jacket. Aside from that, be prepared for warm beach-terrific weather – bring your swimsuit, shorts, shirts, sandals, and sneakers.

2. Forgetting to budget for some additional spending.

By opting for an all-inclusive travel package in your holiday vacation, you will find that most of what you need or want to do is included in the cost of your stay. With that said, you will find some extras. Say your resort has an onsite golf course; the green fees might be waved, but it is still typically your responsibility to pay for a caddie and a golf cart rental. Moreover, you will need money for food, transportation, and activities if you decide to venture off the property of your inclusive resort.

3. Not remembering that all-inclusive resorts vary.

We often associate all-inclusive resorts with upscale accommodations and this is how they should be, but no two resorts are the same. Not ensuring you truly are getting a good deal by price comparing, reviewing the list of inclusions, and looking at ratings and reviews from former guests.

4. Just comparing costs.

As previously stated, you want to find a good deal by comparing prices, but that is not all you should consider. When on a vacation, you may aim for the lowest price. Rather, aim for the best value for your money. This means the money you do spend is spent wisely. An inland resort is likely to have better rates, but not offer beachfront activities as inclusions. For that reason, it is worth it to pay more to vacation along the beach.

5. Not remembering to order your passport.

As you know, a passport is required for holiday vacation to and from the your country. If you don’t have a passport, order yours now; don’t wait until the last minute. You may spend weeks prepping for trip, but that preparation becomes useless if you don’t have the necessary holiday vacation documents to enter or leave.

6. Waiting until the last minute to book your all-inclusive holiday vacation package.

Resorts are huge; you never have to worry about getting a room. What you do have to worry about is having upgrades available. Would you rather spend your trip in a presidential oceanfront suite? If so, you are not alone but there are a limited number of suites available. On average, most holiday vacation experts recommend booking your trip no later than a month beforehand. With that said, it wouldn’t hurt to make your holiday vacation arrangements two, three, or even more months in advance.

7. Looking at resort pictures.

On the websites of all-inclusive resorts, you will find lots of pictures. The pictures for resort rooms or suites are standard pictures, meaning your room will be similar but it may vary. Still, dissect these pictures. Look at the decoration and the atmosphere created. Ensure you could see yourself staying there and having a good time. Also, examine pictures of restaurants and other facilities, like the beach or swimming pools. Once again, just image yourself there; are you happy? You should be.

8. Forgetting that you are getting more than just a roof over your head.

First time all-inclusive travelers are often unfamiliar with the setup of all-inclusive resorts. Basically, just about everything is included in with the cost of your stay. A stay at an inclusive resort should include your room or suite, qualifying airport transfers, food, snacks, drinks, tips, and some forms of onsite entertainment. For that reason, the cost will seem higher at first, but you get the best value for your money. In the end, you will likely see that you saved money too!

9. Not printing a list of your resort’s inclusions; not familiarizing yourself with this list before leaving for your trip.

It is easy to forget what is or isn’t included when you booked your trip beforehand. The best way to save money and get the most out of your vacation is to make use of all that your resort has available. This handy little list or chart (which is available on most resort websites) will let you know what is included or what costs extra.

10. Overfilling your suitcase.

It is easy to overpack for a trip, especially an all-inclusive vacation. You want to ensure you don’t leave anything you need at home, but there are risks to packing too much. What if your airline charges you an extra baggage fee? What if you don’t have room for souvenirs? Check the weather forecast before you leave and pack accordingly. Also, all resorts have laundry facilities available to guests, so you don’t really need to pack 14 outfits for a 7-day trip.

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Published On: July 21st, 2017

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