Can Refinancing Loans Affect My Credit Score?

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Refinancing simply means swapping out one loan for another. Whenever you are thinking to refinance mortgage loans in Singapore, there are some important things to consider: Can refinancing affect your credit score? Refinancing your home mortgage could be an excellent way to save money, particularly when you are able to get a new interest rate […]

7 Questions You Must Ask Before Refinancing Your Home Loan

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Homeowners in Singapore are wary of the security of their jobs or stability of interest rates. About half of the mortgage packages in the market are floating rates, pegged on the Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) or Swap Offer Rate (SOR) which exacerbates anxieties over changing rates. Often, property owners seek to shift from one […]

What kind of loans can you use for your BTO Flat?

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Home purchasing is a long-term commitment. Many Singaporeans take housing loans to finance a purchase and bear with the burden of repayment for at least 25 years. Therefore, it is critical to have useful information on the loans available and focus on a suitable plan that is sustainable and will not derail your financial stability. […]

How Can a Young Couple Finance Their First Home?

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Home ownership is an extremely time and resource consuming venture and it’s no surprise that many people put it on par with other life decisions such as marriage or childbearing. Therefore, the decision should be made with plenty of forethought and planning. Many Singaporeans often consider home ownership after marriage. This is because it is […]


13 Home Loan Terms Explained

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Trying to get a home loan in Singapore can be both exciting and tedious for intending home owners. If you have just began your journey to becoming a home owner, you may be confused with home loan jargon used by mortgage brokers, lenders and other professionals in the property industry. Even before going around comparing […]


Refinance Home Loan in Singapore

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Are you having trouble repaying your mortgage loan? Do you think the interest rate you are paying is too high? Do you want to shorten the loan term and become debt-free quickly? If your answer to all three questions is yes, then the solution could lie in refinancing your loan. Refinancing meaning trading your loan […]


Options available if you are unable to repay your mortgage

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Life isn’t always predictable. Everyone has to go through unforeseen ups and downs. Just a few years ago, you may have been in cloud nine after buying your dream home. Today, you may be going through some financial hardships and wondering how to pay off what feels like a billion dollar mortgage. If that is […]