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How the Self-Employed Can Get a Housing Loan

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The percentage of self-employed people is growing in Singapore every year. In spite of the fact that being self-employed isn’t easy, more and more youths are hopping onto this bandwagon. Just because you’re a self-employed Singaporean doesn’t make you ineligible for a housing loan. There are schemes designed to cater to the home loan needs […]


5 Common Terms Used in Housing Loan Applications

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Have you ever wondered why so many people who seek to refinance their home loans lament about their existing mortgage loans? It’s because many people don’t understand financial jargon and often feel duped by shrewd bankers. In singapore, refinancing housing loans can be very tedious. This is even worse for first-time homeowners who have no […]


How to Know When You Should Refinance Your Loan

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When is it the right time to consider refinancing your mortgage loan? For many homeowners in Singapore, their housing loans take up a sizeable chunk off their monthly income. Many home buyers will, as a consequence, go for the most extended tenors and stretch it to the maximum 25 to 30 years.   For many […]

4 Things to Consider Before Refinancing Your Loan

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When you hear your colleagues at work or friends say that they want to get a better deal for their homes or some extra cash, do you wonder why they are considering refinancing their home loan? Why are they taking up a new mortgage to settle the old one? Wasn’t the initial deal good enough? […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mortgage Loans

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For the majority of people, it’s almost impossible to buy a home without a mortgage loan. Putting hundreds of thousands of dollars together and buying a home is a privilege for only a few people. Homebuyers scrape together as much of the deposit as possible, and they collect the rest of the money from credit […]

Is Refinancing My Home Loan a Good Idea?

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Are you planning to refinance your home loan? Here’s a piece of advice: “Don’t do it without properly weighing its pros and cons”. Refinancing could be a good idea if done the right reasons, and it could also be a bad idea if done for the wrong reasons. Let’s take a look at what it […]

When Should I Refinance my Mortgage Loan?

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When we own a property and we have a mortgage on that property, refinancing is closing that mortgage and opening a new one. So, when we refer to refinancing a home loan in Singapore, we are actually breaching the old mortgage or contract and we’re pulling up the equity from the house and starting a […]