Best Home Loans in Singapore

Best Home Loans in Singapore 2018

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Best Home Loans in Singapore 2018 Updated 4 Sep 2018 Home loan interest rates go up and down. When comparing housing loan rates, it is very different from other personal loans where flat rates are often applied. Instead focus your attention on the ‘rate type’ instead of how high or how low it is. There […]


Why You Should Keep Track of Housing Loan Rates

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A growing rate of inflation is taking a toll on our household expenses and our personal savings are taking a big hit. The situation looks even gloomier when you have a housing loan to repay. Thus, it becomes even more important to compare mortgage rates in Singapore before buying property so that you get the […]

What You Should Do Before Getting a Mortgage

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People who have previously been confused about buying a house have now realised that they need to act as soon as possible because the mortgage rates are rising each day. If they don’t make a move now, they might have to pay more each month. However, the entire buying process isn’t that easy. For actually […]


4 Ways You Can Afford to Live in Your Dream Home

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The real estate market in Singapore is booming, and a large number of iconic condominiums are coming up at different places. The city is expanding, with housing complexes built at strategic locations that are accessible, within the vicinity of public transport facilities. The beautiful natural environment with the urbanised home décor, the swimming pools, reading areas, […]

progressive payment calculator for singapore home loan

How the Self-Employed Can Get a Housing Loan

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The percentage of self-employed people is growing in Singapore every year. In spite of the fact that being self-employed isn’t easy, more and more youths are hopping onto this bandwagon. Just because you’re a self-employed Singaporean doesn’t make you ineligible for a housing loan. There are schemes designed to cater to the home loan needs […]


5 Common Terms Used in Housing Loan Applications

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Have you ever wondered why so many people who seek to refinance their home loans lament about their existing mortgage loans? It’s because many people don’t understand financial jargon and often feel duped by shrewd bankers. In singapore, refinancing housing loans can be very tedious. This is even worse for first-time homeowners who have no […]


Best Housing Loans for New Homeowners in Singapore

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Singapore’s residential property market is finally awakening from a four-year slump. A recent survey by Bloomberg indicates that the winter may be over and analysts anticipate that the residential property market will experience a resurgence of up to 5.5 percent. However, higher housing loan rates might be put in place, and this might not be […]